My Story: The Killdozer Incident

In June 2004, I found myself in a desperate situation. The town officials of Granby, Colorado, had wronged me, and I felt there was no other recourse.

After enduring months of frustration and witnessing the destruction of my business and property due to decisions made by those in power, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands.

With meticulous planning and determination, I secretly modified a bulldozer into an armored vehicle, preparing for what would become known as the "Killdozer rampage."

On that fateful day, I unleashed my creation on the town, targeting specific buildings and individuals whom I believed had caused me harm. With each passing moment, my resolve grew stronger.

The rampage ended in chaos and destruction, with buildings and vehicles left in ruins, including my own modified bulldozer. Yet, despite the consequences, I stood firm in my belief that I was seeking justice for the wrongs done to me.

Some may view my actions as extreme or unjustifiable, but they were born out of desperation and a sense of betrayal. I will always stand by my actions as a testament to the lengths one will go to when pushed too far.

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